From the recording You Changed Me

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Written and Produced: James T Wilson
Keyboard|Strings|Drums: James Wilson
Vocals: James T Wilson
Mixing Engineer: Rodney Wilson
Master Engineer: Robert Wawoe


When I sung a song
All I knew was the melody
Lyrics and meaning never 
Meant anything to me
I never knew what Amazing Grace was
I had no clue what Amazing Grace does
Then the real hit me right in my face
Would’ve never found You if I never lost my place
Your love came down cleansed when it bathe me
I feel better now, Lord You Changed Me

Chorus (2x)
Lord You Changed Me
Took me out of misery
Gave me identity
Thank You Lord (Thank You Lord)
Lord You saved me 
By giving your life for me
So glad I’m free
Lord You Changed Me 

Now that I’m changed
Gonna work for the good
Been rearranged…just like You knew I would
I’m relieved from the hurt and my stressing
I thank You Lord for this kind blessing
You gave me strength in my weakest hour
There’s no limit to your mercy and your power
Your love came down and gently changed me
(I feel better now) Lord You Changed Me


I found a sovereign place in You
And nothing will separate me from You
You fixed my heart
Gave me a new name
Lord You Changed Me
You loosed the shackles 
Once held me
No more hassles from the enemy
Said; move on child you are free

You Changed Me

(Look at God)

Lord You saved me
By giving your life for me
So glad I’m free…

Lord You did it…Lord You did it 
Lord You did it…Lord You Changed Me, Lord
I’m not the same no more…
You came and closed those doors
I’m not the old me
I’m a new being
I’m changed for sure…2x